Curogram Integration Methods

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Curogram integrates with ANY EMR through multiple methods:

  • ActiveSync: It is a propriatary technology developed by Curogram that enables Curogram to integrate with any EMR.
    Interval: Once a day.
    NOTE:ActiveSync syncs the data from the EMR only once a day (which normally happens during the off hours). If a patient reschedules during the day or a no-show occurs, the patient will remain on the schedule until the next sync and therefore they might still get an a survey or other types of messages that are tied to the existing appointments on Cuorgram.
  • SQL Server Direct Integration: Through direct integration to the EMR database, Curogram can offer the most reliable method of integration. Curogram's team develops the queries and stored procedures needed for connectivity of the EMR to Curogram's backend and the client will approve them before going to production.
    Interval: Every 10 minutes.
    NOTE:In order to maintain security and data integrity for our clients, the practice can limit the SQL server user name that is issued to Cuorgram to only have access to certain tables and certain stored procedures on a READ ONLY Basis. For appointment confirmation writebacks, only access to certain SQL stored procs that are responsible for the confirmation write backs would sufice.
  • HL7
    Interval: Real Time.
  • Public APIs
    Interval: Every 10 minutes.
  • Private APIs
    Interval: Every 10 minutes.

Recommandded Integration Methods:

SQL Server Direct Integration or Public APIs. These two methods are the most robust methods and therefore Curogram recommands them over other types of integration.

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