Electronic Patient Forms

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Electronic Patient Forms are your Patient Intake Forms or New Patient Forms that we will digitize for you, making them into mobile friendly versions.

An Automated Text Message with a link to the Electronic Patient Forms will be sent to your patients 2 day prior to the appointment (default).


Your patients can sign the document using their mobile phones. They no longer have to print, scan and send the forms back to you.

How to digitize your Patient Forms?

  1. Email any patient forms that you would like us to digitize for your account to forms@curogram.com
  2. We will then digitize them for you
  3. Please click this link, https://forms.curogram.com/michael-hsu-md/new-patient-package to see a sample of a HIPAA secure Electronic Patient Form

To set its settings, go to Settings then click Patient Care Journey

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then click Patient Care Journey
  1. On the Patient Care Journey Menu, go to New Patient Package and choose when you would want for its automated text with its link be sent

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